Go pick out a white dress
It’s a love story
Baby, just say Y E S

The personal touches … 
     the romance and the fun … 
          and exchanging vows with your best friend 

Sigh. I just love weddings. It’s the promise of all your tomorrows wrapped up in one romantic, joyful day. Every single time I get to witness a couple starting their marriage, I fall in love with love all over again.

Okay, okay, but enough about me. I want to hear about your hopes for your wedding day and your marriage. Tell me about your florals (your girl obsesses over whimsical florals), your besties who’ll be celebrating with you, and all those little details that mean so much. I want to hear it all! 

Why? Other than the fact that you two are awesome (duh), it’s important to me that I’m never just some rando at your wedding. Your photographer is one of the only vendors close by your side the whole day—you need to be confident that they know you and your priorities. (It’s me. Hi. I’m the photographer. It’s me.) 

When we know each other, it’ll help you feel comfy in front of my camera too. And that, friends, is the secret to capturing all those romantic images full of connection, just fyi.


“I cannot say enough how much we loved working with Jenn. She captured all of the love and magic of our engagement and wedding day! She made us so comfortable in front of the camera, she wrangled out family and friends for pictures, captured hilarious candid moments, and was so genuinely excited for us on our big day. I still can’t stop looking through our photos and happy crying!”

chaney + joseph

"That's so us..."

Every time you hold your wedding photos in your hands, I want you to have the cheesiest, biggest smile on your face because each image is a little window into the honest truth of your relationship. 

Your photos take you back to that exact moment, that exact emotion. 

yep. you're my girl.

I want to take every one of your expectations…And exceed them.

Here’s a little bit of what you can expect when we work together:

  • A detailed guide with my tips and recommendations — not just for your wedding day, but for your marriage
  • All my care and attention
  • Prompt communication—I never leave you hanging, sis
  • A bespoke timeline that fits your wedding day vision
  • An engagement session that celebrates who you are as a couple
  • Ideas, resources and vendor recs from my years of experience as a wedding photographer
  • A wedding day bestie who you better believe will get on the dance floor (especially if your playlist includes T.Swift) 
  • Timeless images that feel true-to-life and oh-so-you
  • A cheerleader for life


Full Day Weddings

You do you. I’ll be close by soaking it all up with my camera. Y E S to all the sweetness (kisses, cuddles, bring it on), but I also love capturing you two laughing, enjoying the day together, and getting cozy. You show me your couples vibe, and I’ll mold my photo approach to fit you.

Full wedding days (8-10hrs) start at: $3,700


Micro Weddings + Elopements

For all the girlies who want to scale things down a bit. Pick and choose the traditions that mean the most to you and forget the rest. All that really matters is that you’re getting to start your forever with your best friend by your side. Incredible, right?

Micro-weddings (5hrs) start at $2,500
Elopements start at $500/hr


Couples Sessions

Think of your couple session like a date night…with your new friend along to capture all the love and joy that defines your relationship. Bring your pup. Go get pizza. Order your go-to at the local coffee shop. Let’s show off your love story!

Couple Sessions start at $400

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for wedding photography across Maryland, Delaware, South Jersey and the Eastern Shore

“Jenn is an amazing photographer for several reasons. First, she genuinely loves what she does! She loves a good love story, and creating tangible memories for her clients. Secondly, she is extremely talented at editing because she takes the time to go through every photo, picking the best ones. Last, but not least, she is thorough and creative. Her artistic lens makes for a beautiful photograph that you can love over and over again.” 

courtney + jonathan